Why Everyone Needs To Start Manifesting Their Future

The other day I stumbled upon my high school brother in the kitchen as he was talking to himself, you know, just Burford things. While he was taking a break from his studies, he kept repeating to himself that he was going to be “successful, strong and have the ability to make a change in the world”. When I asked him why he was saying this, he told me that whenever he gets frustrated with his classes, he manifests his future.  I thought this was incredibly interesting. Thinking back to times where I really wanted something, I remembered that my dad would always tell me “picture yourself having that thing and how happy you will feel once you get it”. This image has always stuck with me from picturing myself acing exams to getting into my dream school to then making it a reali...

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The Importance of Living in the Spectacular Now

The Importance of Living in the Spectacular Now I want to start this post by asking you to reflect on a couple questions: how many times this past year did you say to yourself “when Covid-19 is over, I will finally be able to do this”. For me, I must have said this sentence hundreds if not thousands of times but let’s take a step back. How many times have you said, prior to the pandemic, “when this event is over, I will finally be able to do this”.  Whether this event is homework, focusing on your physical health, meeting with friends, traveling, or whatever it may be, we need to stop allowing ourselves to miss out on the spectacular moments life encompasses. Granted, there are times that you need to buckle down but we must learn to set boundaries with these externalities or...

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5 Things That Make Us Feel Like Boss Ass Bitches Every Day- By Broke Bitches of the 905

5 Things That Make Us Feel Like Boss Ass Bitches Every Day One of my closest and most creative friends recently started a blog called the Broke Bitches of the 905. If you are looking for incredibly relatable, funny, inspiring, and down write captivating content, go check out their amazing blog! In the meantime, they complied different activities they do daily to feel like a boss! Continue reading below to learn more! You can find the Broke Bitches of the 905 on their blog or Instagram @brokebitchesofthe905  1) Waking up and making breakfast! Not sleeping until 1 pm is actually is one of the best feelings ever. Even though it might be hard to get up at first, we definitely appreciate the e...

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About Me

Hello world!

  Finding Your Illumination   So What Is This All About? I am Ava Burford and this is my blog Guide to Illumination. Here, you will find stories, tips and tricks, and inspiration to unleash your inner most confident self.  So why am I creating this blog you may ask? Because I find it is so physically draining to not be in love with yourself. Now I am not advocating for any narcissistic behaviors here, but just to simply look in the mirror and think “wow, I look damn good today,” or even “I am proud of who I am and what I can accomplish”. I truly believe that we are all put on this earth for a reason. We were all made uniquely beautiful. It is time to stop letting outside influences whether it may be someone you follo...

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