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Stop and Smell the Aspen!

When reflecting upon this summer, I once again did a classic Ava move. If you are unfamiliar with this, let me paint you a picture that I think you will be able to relate to. During periods of time where I have multiple projects, activities and goals in play, I tend to get hyper focused on partaking in actions that will push the needle further towards reaching my goals. However, one of my greatest faults is not knowing when to close my laptop or set down my project to go to a beach on a beautiful summer day or to join my family for a hike.    By being so engrossed in my work, I find I miss out on the activities that make life, well, life! This realization came into full view this past week when I was forced to de-plug by going on an incredible trip with my boyfriend’s f...

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The Power Of Positivity

The other day I came across a fascinating article I found on John Hopkins. In a study conducted by Lisa Yanek, she found that individuals who hold a more positive outlook are around 13% less likely to develop cardiovascular diseases even if they have a family history. Even though the connection between health and optimism is gray, some health professionals suspect that positive thinking can better protect people from stress induced inflammatory damage. Isn’t this awesome?     Just wait, it gets better. Additional studies have shown that having a positive attitude can improve one’s life satisfaction after suffering from a stroke, brain injury, or other forms of brain trauma. What I think researchers are getting at here is this: you have the power to control your lif...

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