Listen To Your Gut!

Intuition...  I think we can all agree that sometimes life can be extremely unpredictable. Whether it’s not knowing where you’ll be living next year, what kind of job you will hold or who will be in your life, there is only one constant that we can rely on: our intuition. Acknowledging and understanding our initial instincts is key to building a strong relationship with ourselves. Because everyone’s own opinions and ideals are so unique, this will help you time and time again to avoid situations, paths, or people who will try to bring you down.  For instance, I think we have all had that friend or family member that thinks they know what’s best for us. But no one truly knows what is best for you other than yourself. No one can say they have walked in your same sho...

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Why I Am Okay With Not Forcing Friendships Anymore

Why I Am Okay With Not Forcing Friendships Anymore Let me start by asking you a question, has there ever been a time in your life that you found yourself changing in order to please others? For a substantial part of my life, I had been concerned as to whether or not people liked me. I just didn’t care for the thought of someone being out there who simply did not like me. When I switched schools, I remember wanting the easiest transition possible, which to me, included making as many friends as I could. I found that this caused me to morph or hide parts of myself for years in order to pursue friendships that at the end of the day, weren’t that fulfilling. Over the past year, this has been an eye opening time to reevaluate my friendships. By not being forced to see people who we...

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