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An Open Letter To My Brothers: Thank You For Letting Me Be A Big Sister

Thank you for letting me be a big sister Growing up, my siblings and I were constantly busy. From running to sports practices, to community service clubs, to study groups, we were always two ships passing in the night. Don’t get me wrong, it was so awesome to be in such a motivating and inspiring environment where all of us drew strength from one another. However, even though I kept up to date on what my brothers were doing, I never felt like I knew how they were doing.  Then March of 2020 hit and I was given a second chance to reconnect with them. Being home and not having any of the distractions that usually plagued our lives, I was finally able to build a relationship with both of them. From what started as just popping into one another's rooms to talk about a funny thi...

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The Greatest Piece Of Advice I Have Ever Been Given

The Greatest Piece Of Advice I Have Ever Been Given Thank you Grandpa Carl.  My great grandpa Carl was quite the legend. At the age of 14, he moved his family from Italy to the United States in order to have a better quality of life. After driving his family cross-country to move to a ranch in California, he worked tirelessly to help provide. Through his life, he met many incredible people and traveled to almost every country you can think of. He understood the value of hard work, but more importantly, understood that you need to live your life.  When I came into the world, we would travel up to Modesto to visit him and hear his wisdom. From being environmentally conscious to not being afraid to try new things, we learned so much from Grandpa Carl. The greatest piece...

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