The Importance of Living in the Spectacular Now

The Importance of Living in the Spectacular Now I want to start this post by asking you to reflect on a couple questions: how many times this past year did you say to yourself “when Covid-19 is over, I will finally be able to do this”. For me, I must have said this sentence hundreds if not thousands of times but let’s take a step back. How many times have you said, prior to the pandemic, “when this event is over, I will finally be able to do this”.  Whether this event is homework, focusing on your physical health, meeting with friends, traveling, or whatever it may be, we need to stop allowing ourselves to miss out on the spectacular moments life encompasses. Granted, there are times that you need to buckle down but we must learn to set boundaries with these externalities or...

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Feel Like Everyday Is The Same? Here’s 5 Safe Ways To Mix Up Your Routine!

5 Ways to Safely Mix Up Your Routine! This week marks the one year covid-versary of quarantine beginning. I don’t know about you, but lately, each day has been feeling like the same day on repeat. If you’re looking to safely change up your routine, destress, or just something new, continue reading below! 01 Mix up your walking routine! I never would have thought that I would miss walking to class and work but here I am advocating for walks! Over quarantine, I have tried to go on a walk each afternoon just to break up my screen time and shake out my legs. By going on a new path, it’s a safe way to explore your neighborhood and see new sights! 02 Make a ~festive~ treat. Since many of our plans this year have been canceled, my family and I h...

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What No One Tells You About Living In Montecito, California

What No One Tells You About Living In Montecito, California Looking back to a year ago, time felt like it couldn’t move any slower...now here we are in 2021. As the world went to, excuse my french, utter shit, last March, I found myself packing up my Keurig and other college dorm room necessities to move back home. I know I have touched upon this process of relocating and moving my life around but I have never really shared where I am from. Get ready, it’s story time...    Located in between the beautiful San Ynez mountains and the sunny coastal beaches, I live in the small town known as Montecito. When I was little, I took for granted of the affluence surrounding me. The superb dining options and the world class boutiques that are located on Coast Village are just one...

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