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5 Reasons Why Writing To My Pen Pal Has Helped Me During The Pandemic

I did not ever expect a pandemic to happen in my lifetime and it has been more challenging to stay connected to others than I thought...  Staying connected nowadays can be a little more challenging than it used to be. Even though there are so many social media platforms, video calling systems and technology readily available, a lot of these platforms miss an essential part of communication with others- the personal connection. Throughout the pandemic, I have found that pen paling has been a really great outlet to receive this personal connection from others in a safe socially distant way. Continue below for 5 more reasons why pen palling has helped me throughout the pandemic. 1. Receiving a Letter is so Much More Exciting Than Getting a Call or Text When everything seemingl...

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An Open Letter to My Family: Thank You For Supporting Me At Home

I did not expect to move home so suddenly after leaving for my dream school...    Last September, as I drove down to Los Angeles with my parents, hauling almost everything I owned with me, I never would have thought that seven months later I would be doing the same trip back home. This time however, instead of wearing my new UCLA hoodie I would be wearing a face mask, gloves, and having to change my clothes before I entered my front door. Moving back home was never a part of the larger “plan” that I had imagined for myself when I started college. That being said, over the past seven months I am so grateful that I have been able to come home and receive much needed support during this time. I’ve learned that sometimes things don’t work out the way you had intende...

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